Dr: Zaher Ihssan Baadarani

president Syrian Future Movement (SFM)

The Syrian Future Movement (SFM): A Syrian national civil political entity, born from the womb of the Syrian revolution, with its own intellectual and civilizational identity.
Its objectives stem from a vision with a specific approach, revolving around well-defined programmatic realms, and in accordance with practical and realistic strategies that evolve over time and place, without compromising national constants. It aims to reach a roundtable discussion that proposes a project of a national agreement document supported by the Syrian Future Movement (SFM) and calls for its adoption with the participation of various national political forces, aiming for civil peace and the revival of Syria after the devastating effects of war on both infrastructure and human beings alike.”

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Granting certificates of completion for attending “Mental Health and Psychosocial Support” training

The Syrian Future Movement Grants Certificates of Attendance for Completing the “Mental Health and Psychosocial Support” Training The Syrian Future Movement awarded certificates to those who completed...

News for Thursday, 2024-07-18.

The SFM’s News: The Economic Office of the Syrian Future Movement (SFM) published an article titled: “The Syrian Solution from the Gateway of Economy.” The Chairman of the Board of...

From the memory of the Syrian revolution: 2012/07/18

On this day in 2012: The formation of the “Al-Tawhid Brigade” in Aleppo, which included “Ahrar al-Shamal Brigade,” “Darat Izza Brigade,” “Qubtan al-Jabal...

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Syrian Future Movement

We can only commend these pioneering initiatives undertaken by the Syrian Future Movement on multiple levels, whether in educating the new generation deprived of formal education, or providing material and social assistance to the displaced and emigrants, and extending a helping hand to them on many occasions.
I would also like to highlight the research activities of the Syrian Future Movement and its keen political monitoring of every emerging situation on both the Syrian and regional scenes.
This has made it a political stream that couples hope with action, avoiding the theoretical superficiality we notice in some parties, currents, and movements without any practical step in favor of the cause.
Blessed are your noble efforts and bright ideas.”


The Syrian Future Movement has proven, through its activities, its national distance that encompasses all currents and components, showing that it is open to collaborative work with everyone.
We have seen it operate in various sectors – intellectual, cultural, relief, political, awareness-raising, and research – from inside liberated Syria, from Turkey, and among the diaspora.
Its leader, Dr. Zaher Baadarani, plays a significant role in these diverse activities, given the experiences he accumulated since he was young at his father Dr. Ihssan Baadarani’s home, and then his travels and tours in many countries around the world.
I wish the Syrian Future Movement success and hope it becomes a magnet for talent and a gathering point for the marvelous Syrian energies.”


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the Syrian Future Movement

A political organization born from the womb of the Syrian revolution, founded in 2012 with the participation of free Syrians at home and abroad, to contribute to achieving the goals of the Syrian revolution in overthrowing the Assad regime and rebuilding a free, united and independent Syria.

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